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#BBchat recap: marketing strategies for authors

BookBaby Twitter Chat: book promotionFor the February edition of our #BBchat Twitter chat, we asked a few of our authors and literary friends from around the world, including Lauren Lynne (BookBaby author of The Secret Watchers series) and BookBaby president Steven Spatz, for their thoughts on marketing strategies for authors. We prefaced this month's chat with some initial pointers to get the conversation started, as well as a brief biography of Lauren, which you can check out here. While many of the participants who responded to our questions expressed their understanding of the importance of setting goals and outlining a marketing strategy, the degree to which each author had achieved success by following their plans was mixed. A number of interesting content ideas and promotion tips were also shared; we hope you find them to be useful! To view the entire chat transcript, please visit this link. Below is a selection of questions and answers from our discussion. On developing formal marketing plans:

How to build your email list: email marketing tips for authors

How to build your email list as an authorMarketing for authors: are you worrying about all the wrong things?

When you take control of your own writing career, there's a lot to keep track of: the writing itself, book design, publishing, accounting, social media, maintaining a website, book tours, PR campaigns, blogging, and so much more. With all that responsibility, it's easy to lose track of what's important. If you stress about each task equally, you'll end up doing none of them well. To help clarify your vision, here's a little reminder:

Your #1 marketing goal as an indie author should be to build your email list

Why? Because countless studies have shown that a subscriber on your email list is FAR more likely to take a requested action than one of your social media followers. In other words, when you announce a limited-time sale on your newest book, you're going to get the best results (at least in terms of percentages) from your email newsletter. This is increasingly the case as social platforms like Facebook make it more difficult to reach your followers without paid advertising or promotion.

Cat Johnson: Profitable Social Networking for Authors

At the Romantic Times Convention, BookBaby interviewed Cat Johnson, an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance who writes in genres including military, cowboy, and paranormal.  One of the things we find fascinating about Cat...

A Prolific Romance Writer’s Top 5 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

At this year's Romantic Times convention, I interviewed the New York Times Bestselling romance and mystery author Jennifer Ashley, who's published over 30 books.  Romance readers, in particular, are especially voracious, and it's a challenge for writers to keep up with their demand (they easily can want to read up to four novels per year by the same author!)  I asked her if she had any writing ideas which have helped to become so prolific.

Why Authors Should Self-Publish Their Backlist

At this year's Romantic Times convention, I asked the New York Times Bestselling romance and mystery author Jennifer Ashley if it was worth it to self-publish the novels in your backlist.

The Importance of Your eBook Cover Design

Cover design can make a big difference in your sales and distribution. If a title has a great cover, the bookseller may order far more copies than the publisher ever expected - perhaps even 50,000 copies.

How Published Authors Still Have to Do Most of the Promotional Work

At this year's Romantic Times convention, BookBaby interviewed the New York Times Bestselling romance and mystery author Jennifer Ashley. We asked her what an author can expect when working with a traditional publisher.


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