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little stories

Find The Little Stories In Your Complex Topic

You can tackle broad and complex topics by focusing on the little stories within, finding the right entry point, and writing outward from there.

Getting Feedback On Your Writing Without Losing Control

For some writing projects, external reviews, fact-checks, or sign-offs are essential. The right strategies can help make the process as collaborative and painless as possible.
writing process

Tons of material and nothing to write?

A book project is big — it'll take a ton of great content and a series of solid connections to get from A to Z. You get there by absorbing and synthesizing material until you have enough puzzle pieces to complete the picture.
transcription software

Transcription Software Can Be A Huge Time-saver

Interviewing a source can be an exciting part of your research, but the prospect of an hours-long transcription job can be a barrier to starting the writing process. Transcription software might be the answer you're looking for.
conducting interviews

Conducting Interviews: Directing And Capturing The Conversation

When conducting interviews as research for your book, make them as efficient, effective, and fun as possible.
conducting interviews

Conducting Interviews For Research: Identifying And Contacting Expert Sources

Accuracy and detail can bring your writing to life, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, and sometimes the best way to gain knowledge is to seek a source who's an expert in the field. These tips can help you find and contact the right people to interview.
Market Research for your book

How To Do Market Research For Your Book

This post addresses market research for your book and the how to focus on the key elements that will help you craft a book that has the potential to be a best seller.


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