The possible paths to putting things off till later

When it comes to creativity, Maria Popova from BrainPickings posts and shares some really interesting stuff.

For instance, check out this funny flowchart from Zachary Petit, tracing a dozen or more winding ways to procrastinate during the writing process!

I'm guilty of a few myself. Game of Thrones, anyone?!

How do you procrastinate? (And why?) How do you force yourself to get back to work? Is it a fight you can win?

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The Twitter-sphere is full of awesome content, and growing every second! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up-- so here are 10 people we think are worth following on Twitter right now (in alphabetical order by Twitter handle):

1. @BookBaby

BookBaby (of course!) offers writing tips, news, & trends from the company that makes self-publishing easy.

2. @brainpicker

Maria Popova is a self-proclaimed ‘interestingness curator & semi-secret geek obsessed with combinatorial creativity.’

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