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book marketing with Rebel Miller

Rebel Miller: Book Marketing Lessons From A Self-Published Author

When it comes to book marketing and establishing herself in the marketplace, Miller says: "I have to tell myself to be patient. Writing and reading books is part of an intimate relationship. You need to build a dialog and trust. It's really no different from a lot of other products and services. Building credibility with the readers is very important."

Kobo Users Can Now Buy Your eBook from Local Independent Bookstores

Kobo for Indie BookstoreGood news for BookBaby authors: thanks to Kobo, your eBook is now available for purchase from many independently-owned bookstores.  Customers who use the Kobo eReader, Kobo Arc tablet, or the Kobo eReading app can buy digital books from many participating local bookstores via the Kobo eBookstore. The folks at GalleyCat have put together a step-by-step for how to buy eBooks from an independent bookstore. Check it out HERE If BookBaby is currently distributing your eBook to Kobo, it will be available through this program. To find out if your local stores are participating in the Kobo eReading program, see this list.
publishing for kindle

Why Publishing For Kindle is Not Enough

Because Amazon is the dominant player in the eBook marketplace, many authors wrongly assume that they should be publishing for Kindle exclusively.

How to Cross-Sell eBooks

BookBaby president Brian Felsen interviewed Ami Greko (founder of Book Camp NYC and manager of vendor relations in the US for Kobo) about new ways authors can cross-sell eBooks, promote their work both online and in the real world, and incentivize book marketing experiments.

How Long Does It Take for Your eBook to be Available in the eBook...

You've finished your book and sent it to BookBaby for distribution. We've converted your file into an eBook. Now what? At this point, most authors are curious about when their eBooks will go live on the major digital retailers' sites. It's one of the most common questions we get asked.

Kobo Vox Now Available in Stores

According to a story on TeleRead.com, Kobo's latest eReader (the Kobo Vox) is now available in stores-- well, at least in Best Buy. Kobo has over 7 million users in 170 countries, and the...

BookBaby’s New Distribution Partners: Kobo and Copia

BookBaby announces partnerships with two eBook retailers focused on the social aspect of reading and recommending books. Both Kobo and Copia are great, forward-thinking companies, and we're proud to add them to our list of...


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