Because Amazon is the dominant player in the eBook marketplace, many authors wrongly assume that they should be publishing for Kindle exclusively.

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It’s not too late to make your eBook available  for Kindle in time for Christmas!

BookBaby can still publish and distribute your eBook for last minute holiday sales on Amazon for the popular Kindle readers.

We can convert your electronic document into an eBook in as fast as 10 business days, and we’ll get your book distributed to Amazon a few days later. (We’ll also distribute your eBook to the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and many more in the following weeks.)

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Already, August has been a busy month for Amazon. If you've been sunning on a beach somewhere this summer or actually getting some writing done, maybe you missed out on the latest Amazon/Kindle news. We'll summarize below:

1. Amazon reports more eBooks sold in the UK than paper books.

According to a story on Red Orbit:

Amazon, the American company behind the Kindle ebook reader, has just revealed their UK portion of their ebook store is selling 114 ebooks for every 100 hardback or paperback books sold.
2. Amazon opens a new textbook rental service.

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The heated climate of competition and proprietary formats has resulted in a sadly amusing side-effect, a kind of brand name mad-libs where every occurrence of the word "kindled" in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace was replace with "nooked."

According to Ars Technica:

The best explanation, we think, comes from a commenter on the blog, who says "This obviously wasn't done by Barnes & Noble, but by the publisher who submitted the book to Barnes & Noble. They created a Kindle version of this public domain book first, realized they used 'Kindle' somewhere in their submission, and did a quick find-and-replace to change 'Kindle' to 'Nook'-never once thinking it would affect the book's text rather than just whatever they put in the title page."
Bad proofreader, bad!

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Extra! Extra! April was a big month in the world of eBooks, eReaders, and digital publishing. Here are a handful of headlines. Click the links to read more details on each story.

1. Barnes & Noble and Microsoft ink a $300 million deal. The Nook digital bookstore will be bundled with Windows 8.

2. Barnes & Noble expands its foreign language eBook selection, adding Russian, Afrikaans, Urdu, and more.

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Kindle Under Christmas TreeeBook Readers have exploded and sales are skyrocketing. It’s an understatement to say that Santa’s bottomless sack of gifts is going to be heavy with Kindles and Nooks this year. According to Pew Internet Research:

“The share of adults in the United States who own an e-book reader doubled to 12% in May, 2011 from 6% in November 2010.”

The end of this eReader craze is nowhere in sight. Some analysts project Amazon Fire sales to reach 5 million, while Amazon itself projects to sell at least 2 million of its new Amazon Fire and it hasn’t even been released yet. Not to mention the millions of Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers and other eReaders that will be carefully wrapped, nestled in stockings, and placed beneath dangling tree ornaments the world over.

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With a spate of new eReaders and tablets hitting the market, we thought it worth spelling out some of the features and specs of the major players to help you discern which is right for you – or at least help you figure out what the differences are. Bear in mind, there is no real apple-to-apple comparison here (no pun intended). eReaders have black and white “eInk” screens and are designed to be fairly basic – the introduction of the latest $79 Kindle is the best proof of that. Tablets, on the other hand, are designed to be something like a laptop in your palm – and can be used for reading, gaming, browsing, streaming, recording, and many other “-ings” to boot. In the end, your (and your readers’) preferences may be driven by your choice of book retailer as much as by the features of any given eReader.

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