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Amazon launches Kindle Store in Australia

Australian Kindle Store

Kangaroos, koalas, and Kindles!

The Australian Kindle Store is now open for business, selling over 2 million eBook titles — including those of BookBaby authors. Amazon's localized presence in Australia is important for another reason too, though. According to The Digital Reader:
While Amazon has been selling ebooks in Australia since 2009, they have been making their Australian customers buy from Amazon.com and pay in in US dollars. Naturally that has led to a fair amount of friction as customers balk at the idea of paying in a foreign currency and buying from a company that pays no taxes, isn’t creating any local jobs, and gives no specific support to Australian authors and publishers.

Amazon’s Kindle Store Now Supports More Langauges

Publish on KindleExciting news for authors selling their eBooks through Amazon: the Kindle Store has added a bunch of new languages to their supported language list (shown below). According to The Digital Reader:
They haven’t added every language nor the most widely read languages, but Amazon has added numerous languages spoken in some of the Kindle Store’s core markets as well as languages spoken in markets where Amazon could be planning to expand.
So what are some of the languages Amazon has added? Here goes: Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Irish, Breton, Corsican, Provencal, Alsatian, Frisian, Northern Frisian, Eastern Frisian, Luxembourgish, Danish, Romanch, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Nynorsk Norwegian, Bokmål Norwegian, Icelandic, and Afrikaans. As The Digital Reader article explains:
All in all, this is rather spotty coverage that leaves out Italy, eastern Europe, and large swaths of Asia, Africa, and South America. But for an unannounced expansion it is still a good first step.

The complete list of supported languages for The Kindle Store is:

Kindle Store Lists Books in 6 Different Languages Now

Along with Amazon launching stores in more countries, the Kindle Store snow lists titles in 6 different languages: English French German Italian Spanish Portuguese You can select the language you want to read in, and browse the available titles from there.      


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