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Formating Your Book

How to Correctly Format Your Book Interior Using Word: Word Templates for Proper Book...

For years, as a book designer and a blogger at The Book Designer blog, I’ve looked at hundreds of self-published books, and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture. Sure, there are lots of authors who have taken the time to learn the details of how books are put together, and made a good job of their books... it’s the other ones, the books put together by well-meaning authors who really want to succeed but, for one reason or another, are unclear on how exactly to go about it. Those are the ones that have big problems.

What Kinds of Projects Won’t Work for Self-Publishers

BookBaby president Brian Felsen talks with Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer about what "the perfect book" looks like in terms of size, layout, design, etc. Joel believes that there is no one industry-wide standard, but that each individual genre suggests its own standards for design perfection. Also in this segment, Joel discusses how to set realistic expectations for publishers and authors who may be dreaming too big on a small budget. He lists a few examples of the kinds of projects that simply won't work for self-publishers.

Book Designer Joel Friedlander on How eBooks Do Violence to the Concept of a...

Book designer Joel Friedlander speaks with BookBaby president Brian Felsen about how eBooks are similar and dissimilar to print books. Joel believes that whenever new technology is introduced, it imitates elements of the older technology being replaced in order to resonate with users (who may otherwise be unsure of the new technology's utility).

Book Designer Joel Friedlander Plugs BookBaby!

Book designer Joel Friedlander talks with BookBaby president Brian Felsen about why DIY authors should spend their time writing and marketing their books, and leave the tedium of entering metadata to BookBaby.

What Does a Book Designer Do?

In this video, book designer Joel Friedlander talks with BookBaby president Brian Felsen about what exactly a designer does to help an author or publisher realize their vision. A book designer's specific involvement in a project can vary depending upon the job, and can include everything from assisting in the finalization of the manuscript (recommending developmental editing, copy editing, or proofreading), coming up with a design strategy and concept, working with vendors, creating a marketing plan, and more.

The Most Common Printed Book Design Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

Book designer Joel Friedlander talks with BookBaby president Brian Felsen about the most common mistakes self-published authors make when it comes to designing their own books, including incorrect numbering of pages, numbering blank pages, and putting running heads on chapter openers.

6 Keys to eBook Publishing Success

1. Aggressive Pricing—buyers of ebooks, still conditioned by Amazon’s “all bestsellers for $9.99″ policy, want low prices. Low-low. So some writers are building their platform with free books, books for 99 cents, books under $2.99. This audience has its own expectations. Are there any successful trade ebooks for $30?   2. Great Content—Let’s face it, either your book addresses readers’ needs and wants, or it fails. It’s your job to make sure your book is good at what it intends to do, whether it’s information, how-to, telling a story, or inspiring readers to act. Do you have a unique take on a subject? Authority or expertise? You can’t succeed without great content.


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