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Use Your Author Blog As A Hub For Social Media Promotion

In our March BookBaby Twitter Chat, Joel Friedlander, book designer, blogger, and the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish, shared his thoughts on how to engage readers, build a targeted list of subscribers, and use your author blog effectively as a social media hub.
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Blogging for authors: How to boost reader engagement

Engagement is what turns casual readers into regular subscribers, and subscribers into raving fans. What are you doing to engage readers?

An interview with BookBaby President Steven Spatz

Joel Friedlander interviews president Steven Spatz about self-publishing and BookBaby's new services.

Dear BookBaby: the parts of a book explained

From the inbox: BookBaby author K.D. chapman wrote: Hi Steven! “BookBaby just helped me publish my first book, Modeling Manhood: Adam Sandler's Portrayals of Masculinity and Manhood and it was a great experience. I had a few issues with remembering things like remembering to attribute cover art and a couple of other details. Now I am getting ready to send you my novel. What I need - and probably everyone else does too - is a printable check list to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Title Page, Acknowledgements, Copyright/ISBN/ - I'm sure you get the drift. That way, before I send it to you it is all together and in the correct order. So, can you help me with such a thing? You’ve got it, K.D.! To help answer this question, I didn’t have to go very far to find a solution.
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Printed Books 101: the components of a book (and where they go)

For quick reference, here’s a cheat sheet of common components used in book design. Remember, most books don’t have all of these, so use this glossary to get the parts you DO have in the right place.

An Interview with Book Designer Joel Friedlander

BookBaby friend and occasional blog contributor Bob Baker recently interviewed BookBaby friend and occasional blog contributor Joel Friedlander. That's a lot of BookBaby Blog friendship. So it just makes sense to post that interview here, right? Bob is an author, entrepreneur, and internet marketing guru. Joel is a respected book designer, author, and blogger.  In this interview they talk about Joel's experience as a book designer, the business of self-publishing, and what it's like to work for yourself.

Download Our New FREE Guide: Printed Book Design 101

Printed Book Design 101

Making a printed book isn’t easy... unless you read this guide.

Even though printed books have existed for over 500 years, they are far more complex to prepare than eBooks. Be it fonts, margins, design templates or printer specifications, there’s a whole host of important details you need to focus on when producing a printed book. That’s why BookBaby asked self-publishing expert Joel Friedlander to create its new guide: Printed Book Design 101 . Friedlander is the author of the best-selling "A Self-Publisher’s Companion — Expert Advice for Authors Who Want To Publish" and blogs from his own site (www.TheBookDesigner.com). In Printed Book Design 101, Friedlander walks you through the whole process and helps you produce a great-looking, retail-ready book...


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