Because Amazon is the dominant player in the eBook marketplace, many authors wrongly assume that they should be publishing for Kindle exclusively.

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Sell Your Book in iBookstore JapanSell your eBook in Japan

Amazon may've gotten a head start, but Apple is catching up.

The iBookstore is now available in Japan, along with eBook titles by BookBaby authors.

If your book is currently distributed through BookBaby, you've got a presence in over 170 countries.

And now you can add Japan to the huge list of existing iBookstore territories where readers can purchase your book for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Sell your book for iPad today!

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Publish and Be Entered To Win

Place an eBook or print book order during the month of November and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of three awesome prizes courtesy of BookBaby:

  • 16GB 3rd generation iPad (with wi-fi)
  • 7-inch Kindle Fire HD
  • 7-inch new HD Nook
There are so many awesome reasons to be publishing books in November, what with the upcoming holidays and all. But here’s one more great reason: you could win a brand-new, eReader. Sounds like a great holiday season for you.

Ready to get published and be entered to win? Get started now.

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Virginia is a few months shy of a century old and suffers from glaucoma which makes reading and writing difficult. She recently became something of an internet sensation when she bought her first computer (an iPad) and rekindled (bad eReader pun) her passion for reading and writing.

The adjustable font size and the sharp contrast between the white background and black text have made it easier for people like Virginia to engage with books again.

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You've finished your book and sent it to BookBaby for distribution. We've converted your file into an eBook. Now what?

At this point, most authors are curious about when their eBooks will go live on the major digital retailers' sites. It's one of the most common questions we get asked.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reports are in; Kindles, iPads, and Nooks are flying off the shelf! I was in a Barnes & Noble on Friday and the line at the Nook station almost went out the door. What does that mean? eReaders will be under millions of Christmas trees this year. But it’s a little more difficult to imagine gifting something as virtual as an eBook, right? Wrong!

Now you can easily gift an eBook with a few clicks of the mouse. Amazon and Kobo allow you to purchase specific eBooks as gifts. All you have to do is type in the email of the recipient, along with the date you’d like the eBook “delivered.” Or you can print out a gift receipt to put in a Christmas Card.

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Kindle Under Christmas TreeeBook Readers have exploded and sales are skyrocketing. It’s an understatement to say that Santa’s bottomless sack of gifts is going to be heavy with Kindles and Nooks this year. According to Pew Internet Research:

“The share of adults in the United States who own an e-book reader doubled to 12% in May, 2011 from 6% in November 2010.”

The end of this eReader craze is nowhere in sight. Some analysts project Amazon Fire sales to reach 5 million, while Amazon itself projects to sell at least 2 million of its new Amazon Fire and it hasn’t even been released yet. Not to mention the millions of Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers and other eReaders that will be carefully wrapped, nestled in stockings, and placed beneath dangling tree ornaments the world over.

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