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What is a Fixed Layout eBook

What is a Fixed Layout eBook?

Are you uncertain about the difference between a fixed layout eBook and a standard ("flowable") eBook?

Soon, iBooks Will be Available on Your Desktop Too

iBooks app for your desktopAmazon has a desktop reading app. Barnes & Noble has a desktop reading app. And now — or SOON (when they launch their new operating system this fall) — Apple's iBooks will have a desktop reading app too. Readers who've bought eBooks from iBooks on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch will be able to access those titles on their desktop — and any eBooks purchased from the iBookstore on their desktop will be readable on their iOS device as well. This is a big development for iBooks, as Apple recently announced that they control 20% of the eBook market — and greater accessibility to their catalog of almost 2 million books should only increase that share. For more information about the new iBooks desktop app, check out this story from MediaBistro.

eReader Showdown

Not only do you have a wide selection when it comes to choosing an eReader, but you've also got plenty of options in the world of apps. Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in particular,...
stick dog

An Interview with Tom Watson, Author of Stick Dog

Things are going well for author Tom Watson. He wrote a book for his kids called Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger. They liked it, so he wrote another, and another, and another. Then he signed up with BookBaby for worldwide distribution.

Apple Announces Over 100 Million eBooks Sold Through iBookstore

Today, at a special announcement concerning the brand new iPad, Apple revealed that they've sold over 100 million eBooks through their iBookstore (for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). It has not even been a...


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