Quickly create a captivating website/blog with HostBaby's new Backdrop themes

HostBaby just added two attractive themes to its theme library: Backdrop Showcase and Backdrop Headliner. Backdrop themes allow you to set your own website background with your best high-res photo.

These new themes are highly customizable and intuitive. You can change colors, fonts, photos, drop in widgets, and much more.

Design that is ready for Mobile and Tablets

We've also tackled one of the biggest new trends in web development: responsive design.

Basically, this means that Backdrop websites automatically resize to fit the viewer's browser.

If you change the size of your browser window, you'll see the site shift to fit the new window size. So Backdrop sites look amazing on small screens too — perfect for mobile devices and tablets.

Backdrop themes are available at no additional cost in your HostBaby Site Builder account. Log in and try it out!

If you haven't tried HostBaby, sign up for our free 30 day trial here!

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Melissa Donovan recently wrote a post for The Creative Penn (a site you should all check out) listing the five most common mistakes writers make on their websites. They are:

1. No biographical information

2. No social media presence 

3. No contact information

4. The content isn’t polished

5. Terrible design

Check out the full article HERE to discover why these mistakes should be avoided at all costs. If you need help with web hosting or website creation, check out HostBaby for Authors, where you can build a professional author site in minutes.

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