Print one copy of your bookPrinting a single copy of your book is the best way to proof your text, evaluate your design, and feel assured that you're getting the highest quality book printing available

Try before you buy. There’s not much new about that idea – it’s been out there forever. Test drive that car. Sample that exotic- yet-stinky cheese at the high end deli counter.

But how about sampling something personal and unique — like, for instance, your own printed book?

That’s what hundreds of authors like Joshua Duttweiler of Houghton College in New York have done. Joshua was the co-founder of a graphic design group called Caffeinated Creative Studio, which provides services for the college and campus users. Joshua is one of many authors who ordered a single copy of their printed book for just $39. And like many others, Joshua placed a much larger print book order as a result of this unique “try before you buy” offer.

“Having a chance to buy a hard copy for just $39 was incredibly helpful,” said Joshua. “Our book is a showcase for artists and explaining our mission, and it was important that it looked perfect.”

Printing books is a big step for any author. But the stakes are even higher when the product is being used as a tool to help Caffeinated Creative secure more projects. “We were very nervous about buying a lot of printed books. We wanted to see what it would look like in terms of color matching and layouts. We jumped on the deal when we had the chance to get a test copy.”

Joshua used the single book to make instant improvements to the project. “We originally chose natural paper color but realized when we saw it in print that it didn’t quite fit, so we changed to white,” he said. “We changed up a few of the layouts after seeing the book. It was really helpful to have a book to mark up.”

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Authors, you need to print galleys before your book launch.

No, not THAT kind of galley! Though rowing into a book fair on a ship powered by oarsmen would be an impressive way to launch your book.

Galleys, or advanced reader copies (ARCs), are printed versions of your book that you will give away for free to reviewers, bloggers, distributors, retail buyers, and other industry contacts.

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