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Chuck Miller crowdfunding

How Crowdfunding Helped Tell The Story Of Little Roo

When embarking on his Kickstarter campaign, author Chuck Miller spent a lot of time looking at other campaigns for ideas. He checked all the boxes, from producing videos to getting creative with donor rewards, on his way to achieving his goal.
patronage for authors

A New Patron Age For Authors

Patreon is a modern-day patronage system that's so useful, you’d think Michelangelo had invented it himself. But can it work for independent authors?
keys to crowdfunding

Seven Keys To Crowdfunding On GoFundMe

Crowdfunding has become a useful resource for independent authors. These keys to crowdfunding will help you on your way to success.
money to write

Finding Money to Write

While you don't actually need money to write, there are plenty of endeavors related to your writing career that require capital. Thankfully, there are ways you can make money with or for your writing exploits.
funding for your book

Find Funding For Your Book: Navigating the Landscape

With patience and commitment, you can find funding for your book. This post has advice on how to pursue grants, crowdfund, enter contests, and freelance your way to funding your book.


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