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Marie Kondo

What Marie Kondo Can Teach Us About Decluttering Our Prose

When "Tidying Up" aired early in January 2019 on Netflix, hordes of fans clamored for more of Marie Kondo's animism when dealing with all their "stuff." Kondo peddles the concept of perfect control over your things instead of letting your things control you. Writers, we can take a page out of Kondo's book.
writing about controversial topics

Writing About Controversial Topics

Whether it's politics or religion, economic issues or social ones, writing about controversial topics can be challenging — but often very important — work. These tips can help you stay focused and persuasive.

Cut and Cut (and Cut Again) — The Self-edit Credo

A self-edit should have you cutting what doesn't add to your written work. Strive for simple, effective construction of phrases to achieve a better final product.
facts and narrative

A Million Jelly Beans And No Bowl (facts and narrative)

A well-constructed story has the right blend of facts and narrative. This post turns this concept into a sweet and colorful metaphor.
why do I need this

The “Why Do I Need This?” Check

There are many ways to take a critical pass at your writing to tighten up your narrative and make it more enjoyable for your reader. Asking yourself "Why do I need this in my story?" from a macro to micro level, is one approach.
book excerpts

Use Book Excerpts To Promote Your Book

Here's a quick case study of former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx using book excerpts to promote her book. Why not use the same tactic in your book publicity?
writing process

Write By Accident, Refine By Design

Writing enough prose to fill a book is one thing, but weaving it all together into a story with a strong arc, purpose, and impact is another entirely. Here are some lessons that might help you in your writing process — whether your own book is an “accident” or not.


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