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theme of your book

How To Find The Theme Of Your Nonfiction Book

If you find your writing isn’t as organized or cohesive as the ideas in your head, you’re not alone. These five steps can help you find the theme of your narrative and deliver a compelling story.
write what you know

What Does It Mean To “Write What You Know?”

Writing what you know could be defined as how well we, as writers, examine life. To connect with a reader, you must give them an experience, colored by details found in our shared experiences.
your memoir

What To Include In Your Memoir To Create A Powerful Reading Experience

A memoir is a story about a specific time period or set of events in your life. Focus on overcoming adversity, pivotal moments, or life-changing experiences that can serve as inspiration to your readers. A...
story world

Creating Your Own Rules: How To Build A Story World

Rules are weighty and can produce some of the most significant sentences you'll write. They build your story world, immerse your reader, and produce consequences.
clear message

Dramatic Times Call For A Clear Message

Writing about of-the-minute events, politics, and movements can be highly intimidating but deeply necessary. Do the work and make your voice heard.
world building

Building Worlds That Captivate Readers

World-building stories can transport readers and ignite imaginations — but crafting them is easier said than done. How do you create fresh new worlds that work for both you and your readers?
unity of effect

Edgar Allan Poe’s Notion Of “Unity Of Effect”

Edgar Allan Poe's notion of "unity of effect" describes his belief that everything in a written work must lead toward the denouement, starting with the first word.


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