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Should you get your MFA? Professional writers weigh in

Is an MFA in Creative Writing Worth It?

The pros and cons of an MFA in Creative Writing

On the one hand, getting your MFA will (ideally) give you access to a strong community of writers, mentorship from published authors and poets, and the time and space to develop your own voice. On the other hand, it'll cost you a boatload of money (unless you're able to get full funding from the institution), and you'll graduate with the qualifications to — what? — hop from city to city as an undervalued adjunct and never pay off those loans? Then again, having a couple years to work on your craft while surrounded by supportive readers does sound like Paradise. Hmmmmm. Decisions!

Writers and teachers give their opinions on the MFA system

So,... is it worth it? Should you get your MFA?  Flavorwire asked 27 accomplished writers whether they thought an MFA was necessary, helpful, and worth the expense. Click HERE to read what they had to say. Is an MFA out of the question for you because of financial concerns or work/family obligations? Read our article about building an MFA curriculum for yourself (DIY-style).

Flavorwire’s 10 Stunning Writing Studios

10 stunning writing studiosOnce again, Flavorwire has compiled a list for writers that will probably stir up some inspiration AND envy. We've already gotten a glimpse of the world's best bookstores and the world's most beautiful libraries. Now we get to see 10 stunning writing spaces — woodland cabins, backyard sheds, renovated barns, suspended studios, wetland retreats, and more.  Check out these little sanctuaries of words at Flavorwire. Where do YOU go to get your best writing done? 

Learn from 35 writers who rule the literary Internet

35 writers who rule the literary internetSometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to just sit back and watch someone else do it well. Really really well. If you're an author wondering how to use social media, blogging, or other online tools to build your readership, why not study up on the Internet's most influential writers? Watch their moves. See how they keep things interesting for their followers over the long-haul. Listen to their tone. Jason Diamond, who put this list together for Flavorwire, says:
These aren’t the writers who have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers but only tweet when they have a book come out, or the ones who write a guest blog post every year to get their names back into the conversation. Some are young authors, others are firmly established. Some of them are publishing industry veterans or new media superstars who want to use their clout (or Klout) to talk up writers they love, while others command small armies via their Tumblrs. Some start hashtag trends, while others have scored book deals with their clever tweets.

What and Where is Your Favorite Bookstore?

What's the best bookstore in the world? The folks at Flavorwire have posted a number of articles on fancy, funky, and even HIDDEN bookstores.

Strange Day Jobs of Famous Writers

We all know that Kafka and Eliot toiled away at drab day jobs while penning their masterpieces. And it's probably pretty common knowledge that writers like William Carlos Williams and Ted Kooser kept their...


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