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written fluency

What is Written Fluency?

As you develop as a writer and work to perfect your craft, what you're aiming to improve as you practice and progress is your written fluency.
writing a book part 2

My 20-Step Plan to Writing a Book: Part 2 (Steps 11-20)

In this post, I’m following up on the first entry and giving you the last 10 steps in my 20-step process to writing a book you can be proud of.
exquisite writing

Seven Attributes Of Exquisite Writing

How do you take your writing from mundane to transcendent? Incorporating these seven attributes of exquisite writing is a start.
kinds of writers

There Are A Million Kinds Of Writers: Which One Are You?

Maybe there aren’t a million names for the different kinds of writers out there, but there are as many ways to write as there are people who write.
learning to write

It’s Time To Get That Book Out Of You

Whether you're an old hand or a newbie who is serious about learning to write, the advice is the same: dig in and get that first book out of you.
finding your voice

Finding Your Voice As A Writer

Once your voice is real and audible in what you write, people’s attitude to your writing will change. Finding your voice means you are writing something no one else could write.


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