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jewel words

Jewel words, crux and flavor words, and everything in between

Jewel words are those beautiful words glistening inside a piece of larger text. Along with crux and flavor words, they serve your story and distinguish your writing voice.
book samples

Read, Study, And Learn From Free Book Samples

Browsing book samples refines your knowledge and can give you a way to measure your own writing. How does your book's opening compare to the classics?
first-person narration

The Delights And Dangers Of First-Person Narration

First-person narration lets you pack every moment with personality and explore your writer's voice to the max, but it can be a tricky point-of-view to pull off for the course of an entire book.
isolated sentence test

The Isolated Sentence Test

Open a book you love to a random page and read one sentence. Can you hear the author's voice? Does it evoke an emotion? Does it draw you in? Now open your own work. How does it fare?
book excerpts

Use Book Excerpts To Promote Your Book

Here's a quick case study of former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx using book excerpts to promote her book. Why not use the same tactic in your book publicity?
contemplate yourself

Six ways to contemplate yourself as a writer

Here are six things to consider that will help focus your thinking on your internal development as a writer. Take stock and contemplate yourself as a writer.
voice in writing

Developing a Distinctive Voice in Writing

We can distinguish our friends and family by voice, and we know when we hear a stranger’s voice. But what makes a distinctive voice in writing?


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