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creative leaps

Creative Leaps Are The Lifeblood Of Great Writing

Writing prompts are one way to work your creative-writing muscles — and while scenario-based prompts can help you practice creative leaps, images can sometimes open the door even wider.
writing snippets

Using writing snippets to exercise your creative mind

Writing snippets are practical, creative exercises that let you work on specific elements of your writing and explore styles outside your comfort zone.
heighten your writing

Five Ways to Distill and Heighten Your Writing

Whether you are working on draft material or devising a story in your mind, one element of great writing is cranking up the extraordinary to pack in information, meaning, and creativity.
story arcs

Rags-to-Riches, Riches-to-Rags, and Roundtrips

Two of the classic story shapes are "the fall" or "the rise." In these story arcs, the main character climbs to a peak of happiness, falls from one, or does a round-trip for maximum emotional impact.
great fiction

The Yin And Yang Of Great Fiction

You can be the sweetest person possible in real life, but if you want to write great fiction, you need to be the opposite. You must be the cruel overlord of your story.
love story

Is it a love story or a romance novel?

You can write a love story outside the romance genre. Romance is a staple of all types of literature. So when is it a "romance" and when is it just a book with a love story? Usually, it’s obvious.
The Pill In Your Book

One Thing You Absolutely Need In Your Book

In almost every story, there is a pill that makes something exciting happen. Whether it brings love, stardom, happiness, or calamity in your book is up to you.


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