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writing rules

What writing rules do you live by (and which ones do you break)?

Knowing writing rules doesn't guarantee you'll produce stellar written work, but aspirational rules can expand your horizons, and practical rules can improve your writing craft.
contemplate yourself

Six ways to contemplate yourself as a writer

Here are six things to consider that will help focus your thinking on your internal development as a writer. Take stock and contemplate yourself as a writer.
writing practice

Sometimes, Just Better is Enough

Each piece of writing you complete pushes you along a path. Even the drafts you throw away are stepping stones along your journey as a writer. Each step might be small, but it helps all the same.
good enough

“Good Enough” May Be The Best Thing For Your Writing

When you’re not operating on someone, racing a car, helping a friend through a crisis, or polishing a manuscript, good enough can help get the job done.
how to fail as a writer

How to fail as a writer

Want to be certain your writing career never leaves the ground? These 23 tips will help you stave off success and fail as a writer!


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