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Why no one is seeing your author posts on FacebookDo you feel like the posts you're making from your author page on Facebook are going largely ignored?

You're not alone. Sure, maybe some of your posts are getting ignored by some of the people who are glancing at them. But there's a more obvious reason for the dip in your Facebook fans' engagement; as my friend Brad Bush says, "most of your fans aren’t even getting the chance to ignore your posts, because they never see them in the first place."

Why? Well, Facebook is intentionally limiting the number of fans who see your content. And they've admitted that it's part of their plan to increase those restrictions in an attempt to get you to PAY for further reach (through promoted posts and advertising).

How do you as an independent author get around that?

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I've had a  good year getting poems placed in respected publications. Naturally, I wanted to share my excitement every time on social media (which means Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for me). These are life events on an order of magnitude somewhat greater than "I ate eggs for breakfast this morning" or "I'm listening to my Katy Perry/Mountain Goats mashup again."

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How Often Should I Post on Facebook?Social media for authors: understanding Facebook's News Feed ranking algorithm

When you post something on Facebook, you want your readers to see it, right?

Well, Facebook uses a complex algorithm to analyze what content (updates, pictures, videos, etc.) its users are most interested in seeing. Content that scores higher for a particular user will be displayed in that user's Facebook News Feed. Content that ranks lower will not be displayed.

What this means in simple terms is that your Facebook content will only be viewed by a percentage of your fans. The more people who like, comment on, and share you posts, the higher your score according to the ranking algorithm — increasing the percentage of followers that see your content in their News Feeds.

If you want to extend your reach beyond that, you need to pay Facebook to promote your posts to followers that weren't...

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Winning and losing at the Facebook promotion game. The secret to Facebook success is simple: follow the Rule of 4 C's—consistently create compelling content! If you're an author who's been watching a slow decline in your fans' Facebook engagement then you probably already know some of the secrets to Facebook failure, but we'll review them below. It's never too late to change course!

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This article is written by guest contributor and BookBaby author Lexis DeRothschild.

Every author/publisher has to come to grips with Social Media, those online utilities that have transformed how we communicate with others. Writers Joanna Penn and Sonia Simone are two very effective women in this arena and worth following.

Myself? I am a student in the world of shares, tweets and discussions, absorbed in daily research on the topic. Here are my findings thus far. The following four social phenomena can take you from obscurity to prominence with the right blend of savvy, content and mastery of the short and sweet.

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