A last-minute Facebook Timeline roundup

Alright you procrastinators: the time for Timeline is nigh!

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

You have 3 days remaining until Facebook automatically switches your Facebook author page to the new Timeline format.

To help ease your transition, I thought I’d draw your attention to 3 of our recent articles on the subject:

1. How to Promote Your Book Using the New Facebook Timeline Features

2. How to Set Up Facebook Timeline for Authors

3. 12 Ways for Authors to Increase Readership Using Facebook Timeline

3 Days– 3 articles. You decide: swallow this medicine whole or take it in daily doses?

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The New Way to Promote Your Book on Facebook

As we mentioned in a recent post called “How to Promote Your Book Using the New Facebook Timeline Features,” Facebook did it again—they’ve switched it all around on us practically overnight (well, maybe it was more like a fortnight). And, just like that, whether we like it or not, all Facebook Pages (including brand, author, and company Pages) will be updated to Facebook Timeline on March 30th.

Why YOUR website is more important than Facebook

There ARE some great new ways you can promote your writing career using Timeline, and we’ll cover those in a moment- but this strikes me as yet another reason why you shouldn’t put all your social media eggs in one basket.

By keeping your online promotion efforts principally housed on your website (as the hub) and pushing content OUT to the social networks, you’ll be protecting yourself from future Facebook changes.

If you’ve been concentrating on Facebook first and foremost (above your own website), then you’re at the mercy of new shareholders whose whims may make Facebook ever more ad-friendly, and less a place for YOU to promote yourself. Don’t be tethered to Facebook; use it wisely.

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So, what’s new with Facebook Timeline?

  • Your Timeline Wall is now the landing page.  Say goodbye to customized default landing pages or apps. Everyone is going to land on your Timeline Wall now when they visit your page.  Read more

[Note: this video was made for musicians who work with our sister company– CD Baby– but the same new Facebook Timeline features are available to authors, too.]

Yep. Facebook has done it again—they’ve flipped the switch and made another drastic change: Your author Facebook page will soon be a Facebook Timeline.

All Facebook Pages (including band, brand, author, and company Pages) will automatically update to Facebook Timeline on March 30th.

Ok. Take a deep breath. If Timeline is mandatory, we might as well get used to it.

For Facebook neophytes, the video above will walk you through all the new features. (Note: we made this video for our sister company CD Baby, so it is geared towards musicians, but the same features are available for author Pages too).

For the more experienced, here is a quick list of all of the new features and how to use them.

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