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Facebook Ads: My Self-Publishing Experience, Part 10

“How do I promote my book?” It’s a great question, especially when many classic options (book readings/signings/release parties/school assemblies) are not possible. This is where Facebook ads come in handy.

Facebook Ads for Authors

Facebook Ads for Authors

Can you build your readership through Facebook ads and promoted posts?

Opinions differ greatly on whether paid advertising on Facebook is an effective way for independent authors to sell more books. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for book promotion, so — like most things — it depends on your audience (and how well you target them), your budget, your book topic, your name recognition, your strategy, and how good your book is! But the good thing about Facebook ads is they're affordable — so it's easy to get in there and test 'em out for yourself without breaking the bank. If you do decide to run a Facebook ad campaign, read through the following articles first so you can learn from the mistakes and successes of other authors.

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