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if only self publishing were an option

My Parents’ Experience With Traditional Publishing Led Me To Self Publishing

My parents were prolific writers, published numerous books and articles, and were leaders in the science fiction community of the 1970s and '80s. I'm sure they would have gone the self publishing route if it had been an option.
vanity publishing

Before it was vanity, there was self publishing

DIY publishing has been around for over a century. The list of famous authors who self-published is extensive, and shows it was a common way to launch a book and a career.
What is a Fixed Layout eBook

What is a Fixed Layout eBook?

Are you uncertain about the difference between a fixed layout eBook and a standard ("flowable") eBook?
how to publish an eBook

How to Publish an eBook: 5 Steps to Successful Self-Publishing

So you want to publish an eBook? Well, here's the good news: it's easy to do. However, you can't just push the "publish" button and call it a day. That may be what other self-published authors are doing, but you've got to put some real thought and effort into your self-publishing strategy if you want your book to be successful. If you're truly going to act as your own publisher, then you need to step into the shoes of all the various publishing team members: author, editor, marketer, publicist, etc.

eBooks Now a Quarter of US Trade Publishers’ Sales

eBook Sales BoomingeBooks accounted for almost a quarter of all US publishers' sales in 2012

The exact figure was 22.55% according to a Mashable article summarizing the recent StatShot study by the Association of American Publishers. The article paints a pretty sunny picture for the book business, saying:
Total industry revenues increased 6.2% to $7.1 billion, of which $1.54 billion came from ebooks. Net revenue from adult fiction/non-fiction and children's/young adult books rose as well — though revenue in the third category, religious presses, did not. It wasn't just ebooks that sold well. Downloadable audiobooks and paperbacks also saw year-over-year increases, as did hardcover copies of books in the children's/young adult category.


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