45% of short eBook best-sellers (20-100 pages) are priced at $1.99. But does the price of an eBook single affect its sales?

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If you’re a journalist or an author who enjoys writing nonfiction stories, the eBook single represents a new revenue stream for you. In some cases, authors can net more than $100,000* for a 60-page effort.

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How to Get on Thin ReadsWhat is an eBook single?

An eBook single is a work of short fiction or nonfiction, longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book.

If you've written an eBook single (longer than 20 pages but shorter than 100), you should check out Thin Reads — the world's first consumer-facing content company devoted to this rapidly growing sector of the digital content market.

Explore review and interview opportunities on Thin Reads

Thin Reads features original reviews of eBook singles, interviews and profiles of authors writing eBook singles, and news and commentary about the eBook single market — including an exclusive weekly analysis of the best-selling fiction and nonfiction singles sold at Amazon.

Thin Reads also features its own database of more than 800 eBook singles available (dating back to 2010). 

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