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crowdfunding for authors

Crowdfunding For Authors

By now, you're probably familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. Seeking pre-orders and offering the community you've already built – or are endeavoring to build – the opportunity to get in on the ground level to help fund your project-in-the-making is not exactly a new idea; now the tools to make it happen are now accessible to everyone via the Internet. But there's more to the process than simply extending a virtual hand.
how to publish an eBook

How to Publish an eBook: 5 Steps to Successful Self-Publishing

So you want to publish an eBook? Well, here's the good news: it's easy to do. However, you can't just push the "publish" button and call it a day. That may be what other self-published authors are doing, but you've got to put some real thought and effort into your self-publishing strategy if you want your book to be successful. If you're truly going to act as your own publisher, then you need to step into the shoes of all the various publishing team members: author, editor, marketer, publicist, etc.

How to Promote Your eBook in Time for the Holiday Rush

[This post was written by BookBaby staff member Meghan M.]

What you need to know now to get your eBook ready!

Maybe you have a heartwarming Christmas tale for kids or an eBook full of delicious recipes for Hanukkah.  Perhaps you’ve written a book dedicated to the seven principles of Kwanzaa.  Regardless of which winter holiday your eBook is meant for, you will need to carefully plan your eBooks’ release in order to make it on time. Here are some tips from BookBaby to make sure your eBook is ready for its biggest occasion of the year: 1) Allow yourself plenty of time. This is number one on our list because we can’t stress enough how important it is to allow lots of time for each part of the publishing process! Although we live in a digital age, the teams working on your eBook are still human. Your conversion process is going to take time, as is getting your book live at each of our retail partners.
  • To publish before Hanukkah, we recommend you submit your eBook no later than the end of September.
  • To publish before Christmas and Kwanzaa, we recommend you submit your eBook no later than mid-October.
This time frame allows at least ten business days for your conversion to take place, along with room for proofing (provided you chose our Premium package, which includes a proof of your eBook) and time for the retail partners to make your eBook live for sale. This also takes into consideration the fact that some retail partners have reduced service levels during the holidays.

Personality Sells Ebooks

[This piece is excerpted from 50 Ways to Promote Your Ebook, by guest contributor Patricia Fry. Download the whole book for FREE at http://www.patriciafry.com.] Many authors of ebooks believe they are limited when it comes to promotion. They think you can’t promote an ebook the same way you promote a print book. But that's not exactly true. Here’s an example of how to use print book marketing strategies to sell your ebook.

Go out and talk about your ebook.

Now here’s the ebook promotion suggestion you didn’t expect to see here—the one you have been avoiding, you say, “for obvious reasons.” Yes, I’m suggesting that you make public appearances with your ebook. Book speaking engagements at venues where your audience congregates. So how does the author sell ebooks in the back-of-the-room after presenting a workshop or after entertaining an audience with stories from his fiction ebook?

Promote Your Book on a Budget: 20 Thrifty Ways to Get Your Writing Out...

Some folks say that the success of a book is 10% quality and 90% marketing. As an independent author you're probably not working with a big promotional budget. You've already paid for pro editing, pro book design, book printing, and more, and the funds for anything AFTER the book has been made may have dwindled. I've got good news, though: while it wouldn't hurt to have some serious cash to throw behind your promotional efforts, nowadays savvy and motivated authors can spread the word about their books in really effective ways for cheap, or even free!

How to Build Your Author Brand

Building Your Brand: how authors can promote their work while protecting their souls (This article is an excerpted section from CJ Lyons' BREAK FREE FROM THE SLUSHPILE, copyright 2011. Thanks to CJ for allowing us to...

How Authors Can Use ThingLink to Drive Engagement, Sales, and More

Not counting the actual words, nothing says as much about an author as his or her images/press photos/book covers. Photos can provide potential readers with important clues about an author's themes, style, and aesthetic,...


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