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eBook Checklist from BookBaby

Your eBook Checklist

Think you're ready to self-publish your eBook? Great! We're here to help, and this eBook checklist will help you get off on the right foot in your journey from your laptop to the marketplace. Note: many of these items are needed for printed book production as well.
ebook price

The eBook price is right. Or is it?

Your eBook price will have a lot to do with its discoverability. What's the ideal price point? Does genre play a factor in pricing? Fiction vs. nonfiction? Questions about eBook price are among the most frequently asked by our authors and prospects.

eBook pricing strategies for authors

eBook PricingOne of the most common questions we hear at BookBaby is some variation of "how much should I charge for my eBook? $9.99? $4.99? $2.99? Less?" Like most good questions, this one doesn't have one simple answer. In fact, we usually have to ask the author a few questions ourselves in order to get some context:
  • What is your goal with this book?
  • How much do you want to make from each sale?
  • What is the size of your existing readership?
eBook pricing, just like promotion and the writing of the book itself, doesn’t work the same for everyone.
short eBook

What is the ideal price for a short eBook?

45% of short eBook best-sellers (20-100 pages) are priced at $1.99. But does the price of an eBook single affect its sales?
ebook price

How Much Should You Charge for Your eBook?

Cruise any of the writer’s forums on the Internet and you’re bound to find a log of discussions on the topic of the optimal eBook price.


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