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great villain

What Makes A Great Villain?

A great villain can engage an audience, energize a book, and provide a satisfying source of conflict — but the devil is definitely in the details.
transform your writing

Transform Your Writing With Exquisite Patterns

Great writing is full of intentional features that give a rhythm to the music of the text. Novice writing is not. Patterns bring readers into a story and are often what make writing great.
unknown unknowns

Unknown Unknowns in Writing

Choosing what to let readers know, and when, is key to telling a great story. A good reveal will drive your story forward — the best unknown unknowns will upend your narrative and add more meaning for your reader.
first-person narration

The Delights And Dangers Of First-Person Narration

First-person narration lets you pack every moment with personality and explore your writer's voice to the max, but it can be a tricky point-of-view to pull off for the course of an entire book.
look for ideas

Look For Ideas In All The Wrong Places

If you’re writing a romance novel, don’t look for ideas in other romance novels. Look to thrillers, chaos theory, or the building of the Flavian amphitheater. If you’re struggling for inspiration, try looking in the unlikeliest places.
create a villain

Create a villain your readers will loathe

There’s something about a great villain that can engage an audience, energize a book, and provide a satisfying source of conflict.
details in writing

The Drama Is In The Details (the humor, horror, and suspense are too)

For laughs, scares, tears, and thrills, nothing brings out emotions and draws in your readers like the little details.


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