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Product, Payment, and Profits… BookShop and Your Print On Demand Success

BookBaby's BookShop helps self-published authors unlock the full profit potential of Print On Demand by keeping books stocked 24/7/365, paying authors more per sale, and paying faster than the big online retailers.
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Making The Most of Print On Demand. Part 1: Your Timeline To Maximize Book...

Part 1 of our Print On Demand series focuses on your POD publishing timeline, the importance of the pre-order sales period, how "on demand" works for the retailers, and how you can maximize book sales with your printed book.
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BookBaby vs. CreateSpace for print on demand

We work closely with Amazon to distribute your books to its massive audience. But Amazon offers its own Print on Demand service and we frequently get asked which company — BookBaby or CreateSpace — is the best for independent authors. I don't want to get too dramatic, but choosing your Print on Demand book distribution service is a little bit like… well, picking your future husband or wife. It’s a huge decision – the ultimate long-term relationship for self published authors. For better or worse, through strong book sales or writer’s block.

Using Amazon’s Author Central to Boost Book Sales: the Balancing Act, Pt 2

  This article was written by guest contributor and BookBaby author Lexis De Rothschild. Amazon is the behemoth of online publishing. How you merchandise your book on this formidable website can mean the difference between sales...


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