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The copyright on your books will expire in…

Authors and copyright: when does copyright expire?Copyright terms and the Public Domain for US authors

When you write something original, you own the copyright to the work as soon as it's fixed in a permanent format (book, printed manuscript, web page, Word file, etc.) [Oh, and by "original," I mean "created by you." But hopefully it's original in that other way too!] Your copyright gives you certain rights in determining when and how your text is "copied" and exploited (published, quoted, etc.). Are you curious how long you and your estate will be able to own the copyright for one of your books?
copyright for co-authors

Copyright for Co-Authors, Ghost-Writers, and Illustrators: How to Avoid an Ownership Dispute

Copyright for co-authors: If two authors work together, they are joint owners in the copyright, unless the writing was separated in a discernible way.

Why Authors Should Self-Publish Their Backlist

At this year's Romantic Times convention, I asked the New York Times Bestselling romance and mystery author Jennifer Ashley if it was worth it to self-publish the novels in your backlist.

Protecting Your Book’s Copyright in the Digital Age

While it is true that you own the copyright to your original creative work the moment it is set down in a fixed form (written, typed, etc.), there are certain additional benefits and protections...


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