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writing practice

Sometimes, Just Better is Enough

Each piece of writing you complete pushes you along a path. Even the drafts you throw away are stepping stones along your journey as a writer. Each step might be small, but it helps all the same.
good enough

“Good Enough” May Be The Best Thing For Your Writing

When you’re not operating on someone, racing a car, helping a friend through a crisis, or polishing a manuscript, good enough can help get the job done.
learning to write

It’s Time To Get That Book Out Of You

Whether you're an old hand or a newbie who is serious about learning to write, the advice is the same: dig in and get that first book out of you.
improve your business book

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business Book (or ANY book)

There are simple techniques you can use to improve your business book that have nothing to do with magic, intrigue, or being the next Malcolm Gladwell. Here's how you can motivate, engross, and inspire your readers.
start writing a book

The First-timer’s Guide To Start Writing A Book

It’s the start of the new year – and it's finally time to write the book you've been thinking about. Except, you're not even sure how to start writing a book. If you dedicate yourself to the task, you can finish your book within a year.
book revision process

Life After NaNoWriMo: The Book Revision Process

NaNoWriMo’s Executive Director, Grant Faulkner, joined our December #BBchat Twitter Chat to discuss the revision process and what next steps writers should take with their novel in order to be successful.

Mind Mapping Can Help Organize Your Writing Process

Mind mapping is a technique for outlining information in diagrams using written text as well as lines, symbols, keywords, colors, and images.


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