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writing career

12 Things You Can Do To Build Your Writing Career While Stuck At Home

Here are 12 ideas to help you put your time to good use while stuck at home to build your writing career and add variety to your scheduled writing time.
book sales goals

How to Reach Your Book Sales Goals This Year

Hopefully, you have the right product, currently available where your buyers shop, priced competitively, and supported with “perpetual promotion.” That's how you reach your book sales goals.
Market Research for your book

How To Do Market Research For Your Book

This post addresses market research for your book and the how to focus on the key elements that will help you craft a book that has the potential to be a best seller.
authorpreneurship advice

Authorpreneurship and Your Marketing Plan

Author/publisher Rochelle Carter joined our August #BBchat to talk about authorpreneurship and how to create an author marketing plan.
author marketing plan

Five Essentials Of Your Author Marketing Plan

Your author marketing plan is an overview of your goals for your book and yourself as an author, and you can start developing it before you write your first sentence.
competitive title analysis

The dreaded competitive title analysis

When you set out to draft a book proposal, you might find the "market competition" section to be the most confounding. To start with, who enjoys staring their competition in the face? It can be daunting to sort through all the books that exist in the same subject area as yours, and the authors who have found the success you aspire to. The fact is, it’s important for an author to know his or her market competition intimately: a market-savvy author is in a position of strength.


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