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crutch words

Crutch Words: Why They Cripple Your Writing

In a conversation, "crutch words" give you an extra second to think of what to say. In writing, they are glaring annoyances that destroy your writing style.
enrich your writing using all five senses

Use All Five Senses To Enrich Your Writing

When writing a travelogue or any piece of descriptive copy, sight is the most obvious of the senses to invoke when depicting a scene in your written work, but your visual descriptions will benefit when you incorporate your other senses to enrich your writing.
turning off your readers

You’re turning off 25% of your readers

Every one of your readers has his or her own preferred way of learning a new thing. If you don’t account for these disparate learning methods within your blog post or business book, you’ll be turning a chunk of readers off without even realizing it. Each of us has our own personal bias when it comes to learning, which can lead you astray when it comes to writing for a broad audience.
great writing

The Key To Great Writing

There is so much writing advice and knowledge accumulated over the ages, yet no one seems to fully agree on what makes outstanding writing. It is more that we just know it when we read it. Think about the fact that we all have different favorite books. Whether it is Meyer’s Twilight saga or Dante’s Inferno, some books just stand out head and shoulders above the rest.
improve your writing

Join BookBaby’s Twitter Chat With AutoCrit’s Jocelyn Pruemer On Oct. 21st

Want to learn more about the power of fine-tuning your sentences to improve your writing? Join BookBaby and Jocelyn Pruemer on Wednesday, October 21 at 4 pm ET for a special Twitter Q&A where we’ll talk about the best ways to find the weaknesses in your writing and how to fix them.
improve your writing

Variety Is The Spice That Will Improve Your Writing

Generic descriptions and recurring sentence structures lead to a rather boring read. Editing with a focus on more interesting word choices and sentence structures can improve your writing and make it shine.
Legally quote song lyrics

How to legally quote song lyrics in your book

Authors have been quoting song lyrics in their books for eons, but if you plan to quote lyrics written after 1925, be prepared to do some research — and get out your checkbook — long before releasing your book.


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