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engaging kids with reading

Engaging Kids With Reading

Research tells us that reading and writing are deeply intertwingled. Engaging kids with reading develops their writing skills, and vice versa. Kids have amazing story ideas in them.

4 tips for writing children’s books

Have you been itching to break into the children’s literature genre with a book of your own? Good for you! Children’s literacy is an issue that foundations such as the United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council​ and UNICEF have been working tirelessly to improve, and contributing to children’s literature is an admirable way to get involved. Here are 4 tips tips for writing children's books. But where should you begin? Read on for some quick tips on writing books for children!
children's picture book

10 Tips For Creating Your First Children’s Picture Book

While children's picture books may seem simple, creating a brilliant one is no easy task. How do you make yours smart, engaging, and fun — rather than clichéd, saccharine, and didactic?


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