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Rags-to-Riches, Riches-to-Rags, and Roundtrips

Two of the classic story shapes are "the fall" or "the rise." In these story arcs, the main character climbs to a peak of happiness, falls from one, or does a round-trip for maximum emotional impact.
emotional map

Plotting the emotional map of your book

The emotional map of your book is different than the plot, though the two are tightly related. Being aware of this emotional current can bring clarity to your writing, and is a powerful way to progress your story.
shapes of stories

The simple shapes of stories

According to the inimitable Kurt Vonnegut, every good story has a shape. Have you ever stopped to think about the shape of the story in your book?

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

The animation studio Pixar has produced so many successful films, not because those films are full of fancy visual pyrotechnics (though they often are), but because Pixar's writers, directors, and animators privilege plot, empathy, and character development above all else. Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats provides a glimpse into her own creative process and lists 22 rules for sturdy yet surprising narrative construction.

Top 3 Tips for Writing Your First Novel

You’ve finished a dozen good short stories and now you mean business! You’re going to try your hand at a novel. Before you set out into uncharted territory, here are a few things to consider:


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