Book trailers for authors[This article was written by Camille Frantz and originally appeared on]

I follow many authors in my various social media streams – Google+, Facebook, Twitter – and one of the things I have been noticing is an increase in the frequency of book trailer postings.

I am a child of the 80s; and from a so-called “Third World” country, no less. The word “trailer” primarily forms the image of a vehicle that is towed behind another automobile or some kind, and is usually for either leisure or for the transportation of goods. After a while, the term “movie trailer” was assimilated into my vocabulary because … well, everybody goes to the movies, right? We used to call them “previews,” and in a lot of cases, that’s still a term that is used today. Previews, or trailers if you prefer the term, are how we determine whether a movie looks like something we’d want to see.

As with books, there are movies we automatically know we want to see just based on

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