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write your memoir

Write Your Memoir In 15 Minutes A Day

As writer and critic Gore Vidal once said, “An autobiography tells the story of a life, while a memoir tells a story from a life.” You can write your memoir in 15 minutes a day.
writing a book

To Finish Writing A Book, You Need To Start Writing It

Life is short. Life is busy. How can you possibly add writing that book you to your stacked schedule? It starts with a commitment. To finish writing a book, you need to get started.
supercharge your writing

Find A Morning Routine to Supercharge Your Writing

All successful people have routines. Some take it to extremes (Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day). What routine can you develop to supercharge your writing?
nonfiction writing

How To Make Time For Fiction When Nonfiction Writing Pays the Bills

You can juggle fiction and nonfiction writing in your career, but you'll need organization, diligence, and the ingenuity to recognize how to give each skill set its proper time, place, and respect in your writing life.
write full time

Want To Write Full Time? It Takes a Work/Life Balance.

To enable myself to write full time, my work/life balance can’t be too loose or too strict. It’s critical to feed the passion and provide for myself and find the perfect levels for each.
tips for freelance writers

Planning and Productivity Tips for Freelance Writers

Wendy Strain, freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor, and author, joined the July #BBchat about planning and productivity tips for freelance writers.
write your book

Write Your Book Using The Time Blocking Method

Ready to write your book but need help organizing your time? The Time Blocking method of scheduling will help you manage your time and set your priorities.


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