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ISBNs And Book Discovery: A Conversation With Bowker’s Beat Barblan

Sam Sedam talks with Beat Barblan, VP of Publishing and Data Services at Bowker and Chairman of the Board of the International ISBN Agency about how ISBNs help booksellers, libraries, and wholesalers track, identify, and sell books.
copyright page

What To Include On Your Book’s Copyright Page

Do you have questions about how to assemble your book's copyright page? Here's a breakdown of what information you should include and how you should present it.
book isbn

Your ISBN: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Of all the mysteries surrounding the process of self publishing, the ISBN ranks among the most intimidating to many new authors. We're here to allay your concerns and give you answers.
book metadata

Tell your book’s story with metadata

Do you know how to market with book metadata? You’re a writer, and you probably hate all those geeky computer terms that people toss around when they’re trying to point out something you haven’t done. But metadata is important if you want your book to go far and wide. So what is metadata, and why do you want to take advantage of it?
BookBaby customer service

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Here’s a small sample of some of the questions received at BookBaby customer service:
What is an ISBN

What is an ISBN and Why Does My eBook Need One?

What is an ISBN? It's a unique bar code necessary for your eBook so retailers can identify it in the digital marketplace and report sales accordingly.
what is metadata

What is Metadata, and Why Do Authors Need to Know?

What is metadata? It's data about data – and it's crucial for your eBook.


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