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Sarah Jessica Curtis Published With BookBaby – And You Can Too

Sarah Jessica Curtis didn't exactly expect a school writing assignment to launch her into a professional career as an author, but with the release of The Silent Silhouettes, that's just what happened.
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Author-powered Self Publishing

When you call BookBaby for advice about self publishing, you'll likely find you're not just talking to a publishing expert – you’re talking to an actual self-published author who has been there, done that.
self-published young adult novels

Why Lauren Lynne Chose BookBaby For Her Self-Published Young Adult Novels

"When I was first trying to decide who I wanted to work with, I did quite a bit of research. I didn't want to have to figure out the cover art, and I sure didn't want to have to figure out the conversion, because I'm not a computer genius, I'm a story teller. I was so glad BookBaby was willing to work with me and really listen to my ideas."
self-published photography book

Chuck Beard’s Self-published Photography Book Is “Absolutely Stunning”

Chuck Beard is a professional photographer and magazine art director whose self-published photography book series, Abandoned Pittsburgh, was produced with BookBaby. In this testimonial, he accounts his experience of self-publishing, from the project’s conception to distribution. He chose BookBaby for its price, fast shipping, and quality of color reproduction.

Paul McCullough And His Self-Published Cookbook

Paul McCullough is an acclaimed chef, Food Network Star finalist, and national TV spokesperson with a new self-published cookbook, Roma-therapy. In this testimonial, he accounts his experience of self publishing with BookBaby, from book creation to book promotion. He chose BookBaby for it’s competitive pricing and accessible customer service. As he attests, “Having my own book in my hand gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment… AND I’m making money!”


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