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BookBaby Mailbag

Getting Reviews, Finding Readers, and Creative Marketing Tips From The BookBaby Mailbag

My inbox has been filling up over the summer months, so it's high time for another edition of the BookBaby mailbag. From finding readers and getting reviews, to high-tech crafting and taking the plunge, our community spans the gamut, and there's lots to be learned!
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BookBaby mailbag: the hybrid author conversation continues

bookbaby mailbagI’m still getting emails about our recent guide, The Hybrid Author Game Plan. I think it really struck a chord with a lot of authors contemplating their publishing path. Publishers are, in my mind, getting unrealistic in their expectations for new authors. It takes time for an author to build a following and loyal audience. I would say even “modest” sales should be quite encouraging for you! Whether or not you keep the eBook rights – or decide to self publish both print and eBooks – for your next book, I would give BookBaby a serious look.
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BookBaby mailbag: Clarifying the notion of hybrid publishing

hybrid publishing questionsAs I've received lots of comments on our new BookBaby guide, the Hybrid Author Game Plan, I thought I'd clarify some misconceptions about hybrid publishing might work in practice for our authors. Jeffrey H. wrote: "Read your article, but I think it is somewhat misleading if one is trying to submit to magazines, and journals and publications—be it short stories, poetry, whatever. These publications typically demand unpublished manuscripts—they do not want to even consider something that is already out there." You’re spot on correct about the use of the same content. My thought about the "hybrid" nature of publishing is to use different content in each publishing path.


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