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writing strategy

Do You Have A Writing Strategy?

Having great ideas and good intentions might be the baseline of your writing efforts, but having a writing strategy can help you get your book written.
flawed characters

How Flawed Characters Create Meaning In Story

A plot with underdeveloped characters is little more than light and sound. No matter how good the explosions and spectacle, story is ultimately about character, and flawed characters are believable characters. After all, no one's perfect.
your memoir

What To Include In Your Memoir To Create A Powerful Reading Experience

A memoir is a story about a specific time period or set of events in your life. Focus on overcoming adversity, pivotal moments, or life-changing experiences that can serve as inspiration to your readers. A...
YouTube channels for writers

15 YouTube Channels For Writers

This list of YouTube channels for writers serves as must-see TV for independent authors of all stripes, genres, and experience levels.
nonfiction book

Tips For Writing A Nonfiction Book

Planning your nonfiction writing project — including drafting a purpose statement, mapping out the structure, and using proven storytelling techniques — are critical parts of the writing process.
writing a priority

Choose To Make Writing A Priority

One of my missions is to write 1,000 words per day. Once I start writing, the clock ticks. It's attainable only because I set it high on my list of priorities. You might be surprised at how many tasks in your life are not as necessary as you might think.
your own writing

Editing Your Work: Things You Don’t See In Your Own Writing

It's easier to find flaws in someone else's work than it is in your own. There's a lot you can do to minimize errors and make your writing shine, but another set of eyes on your work is always a good idea.


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