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15 ways to promote your book with a book trailer

15 ways to promote your book trailerA book trailer is a short video teaser for your book. The video can consist of live action, animation, scrolling text on a black background, or pretty much anything else you think will capture the imagination of the viewer. But are book trailers really necessary for promotion? I mean, you're an author, not a filmmaker, and a book is a book — NOT a movie! Well, click HERE to read one writer's opinion on the necessity of book trailers. "Necessary" may be a strong word, but in our socially-connected, video-frenzied world, a professional book trailer can be a super helpful tool in your promotional bag of tricks. They're short, sharable, exciting (when done well), and show that you're serious about your writing, so readers will take you seriously too. OK. Wanna create one? Check out our top 5 book trailer tips for authors. Still stumped on what'd make a good trailer for your book? Get some inspiration from these fantastic book trailers. Now, you've filmed and edited your book trailer and you're ready to wow the world with it. What do you do? Where do you begin?

Here's a list of ways to promote your book with your book trailer

Book trailers? Absolute necessity or pretty fluff?

Book trailers for authors[This article was written by Camille Frantz and originally appeared on Free-eBooks.net.] I follow many authors in my various social media streams – Google+, Facebook, Twitter – and one of the things I have been noticing is an increase in the frequency of book trailer postings. I am a child of the 80s; and from a so-called “Third World” country, no less. The word “trailer” primarily forms the image of a vehicle that is towed behind another automobile or some kind, and is usually for either leisure or for the transportation of goods. After a while, the term “movie trailer” was assimilated into my vocabulary because … well, everybody goes to the movies, right? We used to call them “previews,” and in a lot of cases, that’s still a term that is used today. Previews, or trailers if you prefer the term, are how we determine whether a movie looks like something we’d want to see. As with books, there are movies we automatically know we want to see just based on
book promotion checklist

A Checklist of Basic Promotion Materials for Indie Authors

Book Promotion Checklist for Indie AuthorsSo you finished your book. Congratulations! That's a major accomplishment. Now it's time to put together all the stuff you'll need to help you sell your book once it's published, including...

1. A short book description

There are a handful of reasons you'll need a short, compelling book description (one or two sentences at most): as a soundbite in interviews, as a teaser on your website, as the hook in your press materials and communications with folks in the publishing industry, and maybe even as the tagline in your email signature!

2. A longer book description

Once you've hooked 'em with the soundbite, they'll want to read more.

Top 5 Book Trailer Tips

Promote your latest book with a book trailer

People love short videos. They're easier to watch and easier to share, and that makes them easy to talk about. One of the most fun, creative, and effective ways you can promote your new book on blogs and social media is by shooting (and then sharing) a book trailer-- a video advertisement for your book similar to a film or TV trailer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're developing your book trailer ideas.

1. It's gotta be good!

There are a lot of crappy book trailers out there. And to the big, bad, scary world of publishers, editors, critics, and agents, a crappy book trailer looks worse than NO book trailer at all


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