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book publicity commandments

15 Book Publicity Commandments

If you can’t really afford to spend a lot on a book publicity campaign, carve out some time to do it yourself and apply these 15 commandments.
book launch party

Is A Book Launch Party The Right Thing For You?

After all the hard work you've put into completing your book, a book launch party might be what you need to make a splash. Think big, find sponsors, get the word out, and give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare.
book publicity word cloud

What Book Publicity Can An Author Gain On Her Own (And Where Does A...

There's a lot you can do to build your author brand and promote your book – but once you've established your brand, a PR firm might be the key to maximizing your book publicity potential.
book launch tips

Book Launch Tips For Traditional and Self-Published Authors

Toby Neal and Holly Robinson are professional writers, i.e. authors who earn their primary income from writing. Toby is predominantly self-published and Holly mostly traditional, and both have multiple novels and various writing credits to their names. They’re also friends. Earlier this year, both Toby and Holly launched new novels, and in this interview, we find that their strategies and experiences had many similarities – and notable differences.

5 ways to get publicity for your book (that aren’t related to your book...

As an author, when planning a publicity campaign, you probably think about contacting the press a few months before you launch a new book or embark on a book tour. But there are a lot of other ways to get press and blog coverage for your writing besides the usual book tour and book launch publicity campaign. Here are just a few newsworthy events in your literary life that journalists and bloggers might be interested in covering: 1) When you start writing a new book. 2) When you’re deep into the writing, 3) When you finish writing your book, 4) When you solidify your book title, 5) When you finalize your book cover.
Book tour!

Setting up your own book tour

If you're a self-published author or you've got a book out on a small press, you're probably not going to embark upon a national reading tour on someone else's dime. Heck, even if your book was published by FSG you might not get any financial or logistical help when it comes to planning a book tour. No, you're going to have to organize and pay for your own book tour, the D.I.Y. way. Now you're wondering, "Is it worth the effort? Will I sell any books? What are some common book tour mistakes, and how can I avoid them?" Plenty of authors have booked successful multi-city reading tours on their own. Lucky for us, some of them have written all about their experiences.
virtual book tour

Booking Your Own Virtual Book Tour

A virtual book tour is a great way to promote your book to an online audience: you make virtual appearances on blogs, websites, and podcasts.


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