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write on

When in doubt, write on.

"You don't give up writing," says Warren Adler. "If you're a true artist, this is your artistry. Keep writing, keep reading, and stay curious. When in doubt, write on."
Market Research for your book

How To Do Market Research For Your Book

This post addresses market research for your book and the how to focus on the key elements that will help you craft a book that has the potential to be a best seller.
successful eBook launch

The eight elements of a successful eBook launch

If you’re finishing up your next book, stop writing and consider these points to increase your chances for a successful eBook launch – because a delayed book launch is better than a bad book launch.
book sales

Disappointed In Your Business Book Sales? These Tweaks Can Help.

A lot of things factor into book sales, but part of the problem might be the marketing message and positioning of your book. These tips can help sort this out before, and even after, your business book has launched.
niche book market

Target A Niche And Find Your Voice

One helpful exercise you can engage in at the beginning of the writing process is to ask yourself specific questions to help discover the purpose behind your book. Answering these questions will help you uncover your intentions for yourself and your readers, and help define your niche book market.
book title

How to choose the perfect book title

When writing a business book, or a book in any genre, your book title plays a big part in selling your work. Here are tips to help you choose your title wisely. If you’ve ever told your friends and family that you’re writing a book, I bet the first thing they asked you was, "What’s it about?" And then, "What’s it called?" So it’s no wonder that authors tend to get a bit fixated on their book title right from the beginning.
writing a novel

10 perfectly normal struggles when writing a novel [infographic]

Do you agonize over your titles? Are your friends worried about you because you don’t emerge from your office for days? Are you constantly rewriting? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Warren Adler, who has published more than 30 novels and short story collections in his 40 years as a published author, lifts the veil on some of the "perfectly normal" writing struggles he has learned to accept as part of the process of creation and writing.


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