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Traditional vs. independent publishing: two different views on the book-sales timeline

Book sales timeline in traditional vs. self-publishing'Hurry up and wait,' or 'wait and hurry up?'

That's an authors choice when it comes to publishing paths, according to an article called "The Business Rusch: Hurry Up. Wait." by fiction writer and blogger Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Self-publishing involves a lot of upfront scrambling (finishing the book, editing, cover design, distribution, etc.). Then you wait, and wait, and wait for sales — sales which trickle in month-by-month but that may add up to significant revenue in the long-run. Indie authors need patience and must understand that they're building a readership by word-of-mouth, one person at a time. Because eBooks have no shelf-life (or more accurately, their shelf-life is forever), the smartest thing an indie author can do to increase sales is to write the NEXT book. Traditional publishing is an almost completely opposite model. You do all the waiting upfront (months or years to place the book in the hands of an editor or agent, months to negotiate the contracts, many more months to put the book and marketing plan together, even more months of pre-publication promo/publicity work, and then finally the big day arrives when your book is released to the public). Now comes the rush! Your success, in the eyes of your publisher, is based on your pre-sales in the months leading up to your launch and your sales for the first 1-3 months after your launch. Those numbers will determine whether you...
eBook single

How to Write an eBook Single Nonfiction Best-Seller

If you’re a journalist or an author who enjoys writing nonfiction stories, the eBook single represents a new revenue stream for you. In some cases, authors can net more than $100,000* for a 60-page effort.
book launch

10 Free (or Mostly Free) Book Launch Strategies

Many new self-published authors think they need to have a book launch with lots of fanfare right after they hit the publish button. Actually, you can “launch” your book in the first few months after its official release date.
publishing for kindle

Why Publishing For Kindle is Not Enough

Because Amazon is the dominant player in the eBook marketplace, many authors wrongly assume that they should be publishing for Kindle exclusively.

Wait, Bookstores AREN’T Dying?

According to this story from The Christian Science Monitor, 2012 figures are in — and bookstores only saw a slight decline in sales from 2011.
promote your eBook

20 Free Sites Where You Can Promote Your eBook

Enlisting a book discovery service promoting cheap or free eBooks to a subscriber list – or helping you to boost your own social media efforts – is one way to promote your eBook and get readers, reviews, more social networking, and a kick-start to your book sales.


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