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Do Unto Other Authors: Review A Book

When you agree to review a book, do you always follow through? Are you loyal to other writers by keeping up your side of the bargain?
independent authors

How Independent Authors Are Promoting Their Books

The Self-Publishing Survey conducted by BookBaby focused on revealing the most successful book marketing strategies for self-published independent authors.
book reviews

Book Reviews: The Ultimate Word Of Mouth Promotion

When planning your book promotion and marketing, remember this equation: more book reviews equals more sales.
respond to book critics

How Writers Can Respond To Book Critics

Authors may well be justified in feeling angry and hateful when their hard work is slated by a critic, but it is rarely a good idea to react impulsively on those emotions. Instead, follow these suggestions on how writers should respond to book critics.
reviews for self-published books

How important are reviews for self-published books?

How important are reviews for self-published books? In my mind, the answer is "VERY!" But I want to hear from you!
BookBaby Mailbag

Getting Reviews, Finding Readers, and Creative Marketing Tips From The BookBaby Mailbag

My inbox has been filling up over the summer months, so it's high time for another edition of the BookBaby mailbag. From finding readers and getting reviews, to high-tech crafting and taking the plunge, our community spans the gamut, and there's lots to be learned!
confronting bad book reviews

Confronting bad book reviews

Moby Dick was declared "dull, dreary, and ridiculous" and Orwell's 1984 "a failure." In literature, bad book reviews and effusive praise come with the territory. Just celebrate you are being noticed, and be sure your name is spelled right.


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