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The Anatomy of a Book Signing

Over the past year, I have set up dozens of book signing events for my children’s chapter book, Danny in a Newfangled World, and have learned a great many lessons about this unique sales gig.

For newbie writers looking to share their literary masterpiece through real face-to-face interaction, you should go into it understanding that the book signing experience can be both humbling and rewarding. If you are ready to take the leap into the brave world of book signings, here are some tips to prepare you:
Book Launch party

How to Throw a Book Launch Party That Isn’t a Waste of Time

Updated August 2017. If you're self-publishing or releasing a book through a small press, being pampered isn't usually part of the equation; you'll have to take the lead on planning your own launch party. But don't get fever chills; it's not all that different from throwing a Super Bowl party, only YOU are the main attraction and hopefully drunk men won't be screaming at you if you drop a word or don't annunciate clearly during your reading.

Book Readings 101

If you're lucky enough to have an audience that wants to hear you read, don't bore them to tears. This is your time to shine! Whether you're at a bookstore, library, book fair, coffee...


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