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10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Book Launch Party

You’ve written your book and completed the hard work of producing it. Now, it’s time to release it to the world. In other words, it’s time for a book launch party.

How one debut author prepared to give a great public reading

How to Deliver a Memorable Book ReadingMelville House (the rad, Brooklyn-based indie publisher) has just published my friend Josh Cook's debut novel, "An Exaggerated Murder." The next step? A reading tour, of course! Josh Cook will spend a good chunk of March reading at various bookstores in the northeast — and he's put a lot of thought and preparation into this tour. He says:
Ultimately, I think of this amount of preparation as one-part “Jesus, I Hope I Don’t Embarrass Myself” and two-parts, “These People Could Be Doing Anything Right Now, I Mean, There’s Probably a Bruins Game On, but They Came to See Me,” with a dash of “This Is Part of Your Fucking Dream, Dude,” and a whisper of “You Could Even Sell Some Books Tonight.”

21 Things You Should NOT Do at Your Next Reading

How to Give a Good ReadingIt's the day of your reading.

You're running through your mental checklist. You're a little nervous. You're stressed about how many people are going to show up. You've tried on three different outfits and none of them seem right. And amidst all this you're expected to deliver to the audience a captivating performance. How? Well, hopefully a mixture of great writing, a receptive crowd, and a smidge of charisma. But how can you increase your odds in each of those three categories? Carrie Etter has written an article that might help you boost the magic and trim the fat from your next reading. It's called "Things Not to Do When Reading Your Poetry to an Audience" — and while it mentions poetry in the title, the same rules apply no matter what genre you're reading. Check out the article in its entirety HERE, or read my quick summary below.

At your next reading,..

1. do NOT go over your allotted time. Keep an eye on the clock.

The Top 6 Articles About Throwing a Successful Book Launch Event

How to Plan a Book Launch PartyPlanning an unforgettable book launch party

A book launch party is a great way to celebrate the publication of your book, thank friends and family who supported you throughout the writing and editing process, create an event that's worthy of media coverage, make deeper connections within your literary community, and sell some books! If you're about to plan a book launch party, a book tour, a reading series, or a signing, check out these 6 articles from the BookBaby Blog: 1. How to Throw a Book Launch Party That Isn’t a Waste of Time 2. The Ultimate Book Signing Checklist for Authors 3. How to Throw a Memorable Book Launch Party

How to Throw a Memorable Book Launch Party

How to Deliver a Memorable Book ReadingBeyond book launch basics: deliver the goods!

Podium with a working microphone? Check. People in the seats? Check. Books available for purchase? Check. Ok. Let's assume you've taken care of the planning, the booking, the promotion for your book launch party... [—Oh, but if you haven't taken care of those details, check out: So anyway, back to the assumption that you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's regarding your next book launch party (or signing, reading, lecture, etc.) How do you make sure your book launch party has that certain "je ne sais quoi" — that unforgettable something — the intangible X factors that put it over the top in the minds of your audience? How do you make your book reading truly memorable?

1. Magnify your personality —

We're all different. Some of us are confident and charismatic. Some of us are introverted and...

Personality Sells Ebooks

[This piece is excerpted from 50 Ways to Promote Your Ebook, by guest contributor Patricia Fry. Download the whole book for FREE at http://www.patriciafry.com.] Many authors of ebooks believe they are limited when it comes to promotion. They think you can’t promote an ebook the same way you promote a print book. But that's not exactly true. Here’s an example of how to use print book marketing strategies to sell your ebook.

Go out and talk about your ebook.

Now here’s the ebook promotion suggestion you didn’t expect to see here—the one you have been avoiding, you say, “for obvious reasons.” Yes, I’m suggesting that you make public appearances with your ebook. Book speaking engagements at venues where your audience congregates. So how does the author sell ebooks in the back-of-the-room after presenting a workshop or after entertaining an audience with stories from his fiction ebook?

7 Practical Tips to Make a Fan-For-Life at Your Next Book Event

You've hustled and set up a book signing, reading, speaking opportunity, or tour. You've worked on your delivery, your timing, your tone. And during the event-- you nailed it! Congratulations. The hard part is over. But how do you make sure that the energy you've put into your booking, your preparation, and your "performance" comes back to you?

7 Ways to Make Lasting Connections After Your Book Reading

1) Cover the basics- If your audience has responded to your reading, they'll want to take a piece of you home with them-- in the form of your book. Make sure you have ample books available and that you've arranged the details of selling them in advance (oftentimes, you'll be required by the venue to work with a local bookseller). Be sure to announce at the end of your reading that you have books available for sale and you're happy to sign them. 2) Discount your books- If it is possible to work with the bookseller


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