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The Author Hangout podcast with Steven Spatz

Finding Your Ideal Readers – Steven Spatz podcast interview

BookBaby president Steven Spatz joins "The Author Hangout" and host Shawn Manaher to discuss book marketing, social media, and finding your ideal reader. Listen to the podcast!

Introducing BookBaby BookShop

BookBaby BookShop: sell your eBook online A webpage for your eBook – completely FREE to BookBaby authors! Introducing BookShop: a webpage that offers everything readers need to know about your book in one glance. When you’re ready to announce the release of your new eBook, send everyone to your BookShop page. BookShop lets you control all the content, it’s easy to update, it features an elegant design with all your book’s vital info, and—most importantly—it prominently displays links to all the stores where people can buy your new eBook. BookShop is your eBook’s online home.


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