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Is eBook distribution enough? Why selling hard copies of your novel matters

Why authors need to publish printed booksTaking your writing career to the next level with printed books

Go to any publishing industry trade show, writers conference, or book fair and you'll hear a lot of talk about "digital disruption" and the "eBook revolution." But look around for a second. Notice anything? Printed books! Sure, eReaders and tablet devices are everywhere these day, but according to a new study only 4% of active readers are reading digital books exclusively. That means 96% of readers still buy printed books. Even among a younger demographic (age 30 and below), 50% of readers are purchasing printed books ONLY. As a self-published author you should absolutely make your book available as an eBook. The benefits are obvious: unlimited shelf-space, affordable worldwide distribution, no manufacturing costs per unit (beyond the initial design, formatting, and conversion), nearly instant delivery to your fans, and much more. But if you're serious about your writing career, you should also be selling your novel as a printed book.

3 reasons why you should print hard copies of your novel

When you publish a printed book with great design and a striking cover, you can:

Save $200 on printed books

Affordable book printing

Save big on a holiday gift, guaranteed to please.

The holidays are coming, which is already reason enough to start printing your book, but now we have an even better one: You can save $200. Place a new order for 250 or more printed books by the end of the year and you can save $200. This offer is good for any trim size and any binding style, hardcover, or soft.

Bringing a Hardback Book to Life

The Telegraph recently posted a fun video (with highly dramatic music!) that shows a group of bookbinders bringing a physical book to life. Take a a tour of Smith Settle's handmade bookbinding process.


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